Sending Ruth and Jack

Kim Fox, Susan Peachey, Janice Walter, Ruth Scott, Jack Scott and Mark Peachey at the church on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018.

Friends of Jack and Ruth Scott participated in a sending ceremony as Ruth and Jack will travel to Germany where Ruth will teach German to Syrian refugees through Mennonite Mission Network.

Mission and Service Committee member Audra Shenk led the ceremony while members of Jack and Ruth’s “Small Group” shared in a reading as a way of blessing the work Ruth and Jack will do in Germany.

Blog address to follow what Jack and Ruth are doing in Germany:

Prayer for the New Year

As Mennonite Church USA, we’re embarking on our Journey Forward in this new year. We invite prayers that we may seek the beauty and hope of God’s spirit drawing us into this community of faith. Let us continue joining our voices in song, in prayer, in fellowship— that even the mountains and the hills may join.

Church Around the Table

For those of you who may be new to Church Around the Table, or those who are looking for a refresher on its purpose – when we began this experiment last Fall, here is what we were thinking:

The primary purpose of “church around the table” is for blessing. Blessing one another in ways that increase our sense of God’s presence and activity in our personal lives. Blessing those in our circles of influence – family, friends, neighbors, co-workers – wherever we can build close relationships where we can listen, care and be a blessing. This kind of blessing is difficult to bring about in a traditional Sunday morning worship setting. So, we have been meeting as groups of about 7 to 12 persons, mostly around the dining room table, during our normal Sunday morning worship time, to see how God might speak to us in such a setting.

When we gather as groups around the table, we participate in the life of the Spirit of Christ identified in Luke 10 where Jesus asked his apprentices to do three things in their communities – 1) offer “peace” or blessing to those in the house; 2) offer healing; 3) eat together – and when you have done these things you declare that the kingdom of God has come near. One surprise has been that our average total attendance with Church Around the Table has been higher than our average attendance otherwise. Sixty-two persons are participating. We are not planning to do away with regular Sunday morning worship as an outcome of this experiment. We are not planning to become a church of house churches. We do want to learn how God might use this setting – for spiritual growth and perhaps to invite persons who may not be comfortable in a traditional worship service.

Everyone will have opportunity to give feedback on our experiences with Church Around the Table as we gather the third Sunday of every month from now until June. I’m curious as to what God will be doing with us in this venture.

—Pastor Dave