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Covenant Season

We’ve added a new element to the front of the auditorium with images of those who participate in our annual covenant. Below is the text of our covenant.


Because I attempt to make Jesus Christ the center of my life, with my sisters and brothers at Scottdale Mennonite Church:

I covenant to be a fervent seeker:

following Jesus daily

• asking questions without fear

I will support the work of our congregation in seeking purpose and vision as we grow in faith and in support of each other in the coming year.

I covenant to demonstrate loving community:

• where all are welcome

• where all are needed

I will support a plan to identify ways to be relevant to our community, using what Spirit-given talents I have to assist as I am able.

I covenant to be a generous giver:

• money

• energy

• compassion

• time

I will give of myself and my gifts as I am able, undergirding all with prayer.

I covenant to be a bold dreamer:

• we are a work in process

• we will not be inhibited by human perceptions

I will join my sisters and brothers in dreaming new dreams and seeing new visions for ourselves and for our community, all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

A good read

We first met David Radcliff of New Community Project several years ago at a retreat at Laurelville. NCP is a small organization with a big goal — to change the world by changing the way we relate to the planet and its people. It offer resources that challenge us, experiences that change us and a community that gives us hope.

Food pantry donations

Food Pantry additional monthly items collected during the month of October for the November 14 distribution are toothpaste and toothbrushes. Canned soup will also be collected for November through February distributions as an additional food item. Please place your donated items in plastic container in the West Fellowship Hall  by October 31.

Bulletin Board

Prayers for Protection: :Scottdale Area Assoc. of Churches (SAAC) desires to implement a “Prayers for Protection” program to come alongside our schools for the protection of our children. If you wish to become a prayer warrior who commits to pray for the protection of our children every day, they are requesting your name and email address for the purpose of sending you a monthly letter to encourage you to pray and give some specifics so that you can pray better. Your name and email address will not be shared with anyone and will not be used for any other purpose than that stated here. Note: You can let SMC church office know if you wish to participate and we will send names & email addresses as a group.

Reminder: If you have any books that you signed out from the church library and have finished reading, please return them so that they can be available to others. Thank you!

Sending Ruth and Jack

Kim Fox, Susan Peachey, Janice Walter, Ruth Scott, Jack Scott and Mark Peachey at the church on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018.

Friends of Jack and Ruth Scott participated in a sending ceremony as Ruth and Jack will travel to Germany where Ruth will teach German to Syrian refugees through Mennonite Mission Network.

Mission and Service Committee member Audra Shenk led the ceremony while members of Jack and Ruth’s “Small Group” shared in a reading as a way of blessing the work Ruth and Jack will do in Germany.

Blog address to follow what Jack and Ruth are doing in Germany:

Prayer for the New Year

As Mennonite Church USA, we’re embarking on our Journey Forward in this new year. We invite prayers that we may seek the beauty and hope of God’s spirit drawing us into this community of faith. Let us continue joining our voices in song, in prayer, in fellowship— that even the mountains and the hills may join.