Covenant Season

We’ve added a new element to the front of the auditorium with images of those who participate in our annual covenant. Below is the text of our covenant.


Because I attempt to make Jesus Christ the center of my life, with my sisters and brothers at Scottdale Mennonite Church:

I covenant to be a fervent seeker:

following Jesus daily

• asking questions without fear

I will support the work of our congregation in seeking purpose and vision as we grow in faith and in support of each other in the coming year.

I covenant to demonstrate loving community:

• where all are welcome

• where all are needed

I will support a plan to identify ways to be relevant to our community, using what Spirit-given talents I have to assist as I am able.

I covenant to be a generous giver:

• money

• energy

• compassion

• time

I will give of myself and my gifts as I am able, undergirding all with prayer.

I covenant to be a bold dreamer:

• we are a work in process

• we will not be inhibited by human perceptions

I will join my sisters and brothers in dreaming new dreams and seeing new visions for ourselves and for our community, all under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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